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Here are a few kind words and success stories from our CrossFit BrackenGate happy campers.


CrossFit BrackenGate Testimonials | Rachel Strydom

28, Brackenfell

Daily motivation, inspiration, blood, sweat and tears, but what I gained is priceless in losing weight and reach a level of fitness. With an instructor who takes the time to care and assist, physically and emotionally, is rare, but guidance in the fitness program each step of the way even through pregnancy – AJ Visser is not just your every day professional instructor, he is a leader, a friend and an inspiration that proves to you that you are capable of lots more than what you thought you were.

Crossfit became a way of life for me, not just the fitness routine, but also building my self-confidence, tolerance, perseverance, the battle against glucose intolerance and depression are conquered every day.

35, Brackenfell

I didn’t find Crossfit, it found me. A friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time visited me over the December holidays 2015. She was horrified at the sight of me as I kind of let go after the kids. So in February, she pointed me to AJ and the Crossfit Brackengate box. Called me every day until I made that call. So I did.

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into. And even with all my excuses, AJ managed to get me to a basics class while being out of country. When I arrived, I was so scared watching other athletes do their thing. I almost turned around and went back home to do the couch potato thing, but I was spotted and couldn’t leave.

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CrossFit BrackenGate Testimonials


CrossFit BrackenGate Testimonials

28, Brackenfell

I was deprived of the ability to do sports at a very young age. Desperate to get back into a fitter and healthier lifestyle and feel the competitiveness and adrenaline of sport again, I decided to turn to CrossFit.

I believe that not only CrossFit itself, but the specific environment which is CrossFit BrackenGate, is what has been so life changing for me up until now. My progress, fitness and lifestyle has increased unimaginably in the few months that I have been involved with this community and I feel like a new person who can compete at higher levels each day.

My journey started end of November 2015 and now, 7 months later, I walk into this place every day I like to call home and learn so much from each day with the greatest atmosphere and the friendliest people on earth!

Thank you CrossFit BrackenGate and thank you coach AJ for changing my life!

49, Brackenfell

I joined the CrossFit BrackenGate box roughly a year after breaking my right femur in a motorcycle accident at the persistence of my wife Catherine who was training there at the time. Initially I was very reluctant to even start training as I had very poor muscle definition in my upper leg due to a year of inactivity and a right knee & hip that had lost a lot of tendon stability. To be honest, I couldn’t even walk properly without constant pain and a pronounced limp.

Before starting my training, I had a long chat with coach AJ about my limitations regarding physical movements etc. and he reassured me that he would scale all exercises according to my current ability and pain threshold. It was a humbling experience at first, I’ve always been a sports orientated individual and here I was having to take baby steps to learn to walk properly again, never mind attempting some of the more complex movements.

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CrossFit BrackenGate Testimonials


CrossFit BrackenGate Testimonials

35, Brackenfell

I got hooked on CrossFit while watching the 2014 CrossFit games in 2015 when Camille Le blanc Bazinet became the fittest female on earth.  She was my motivation to become fitter and to achieve that kind of physique.

In February 2016 I joined CrossFit BrackenGate for intro classes and instantly felt at home. Everyone was helpful and friendly.

The coaches at CrossFit BrackenGate explain movement technique in detail during every class, so you will never feel lost. Should you need help they are always there to give you a hand or advice.

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